WildBlue Class Action Suit


I put up this site about two weeks ago to rant about the horrible service and misrepresentation of services of WildBlue Satellite Internet. In the original post I made reference to gauging the possibility of a class-action suit against WildBlue.

I have had several people that have sent me emails from either this site or another that I posted about it on and it seems that there is definately an interest so I am pushing forward. In order to really get an idea of how many people are out there that would be interested in joining the suit, please either join this site by clicking the register link at the bottom right of the page or send me an email to damion [at] mscoast.net.

I do not think there is much we can do about their service, but maybe if enough of us bond together, companies like DirecTV will stop recommending them to unsuspecting victims and hopefully we can get them to stop misrepresenting their speeds and services.

Please register, leave a comment, or shoot me an email.

Thank you :)