WildBlue Satellite Internet and BBB

As anyone who has ever filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) knows, the wheels of progress move slowly, if at all, with this organization.

Shortly after my original disappointment with WildBlue’s service, which was immediately after signing my contract, I contacted the Better Business Bureau to see if, by chance, they may be able to help resolve my issues with my WildBlue Communications Contract and equipment.

The BBB of course, does not “really” get involved. Instead, they allow you to complain and then allow WildBlue to respond, then allow you to complain some more because WildBlue’s response is of no help whatsoever.  After complain and response go back and forth a few times, the BBB will “Administratively Close” your complaint – as they did with mine this morning. This may piss you off, as it did me, but I started thinking about it and this is not a bad thing. What this basically says is that the company was unable to resolve the complaint and the Better Business Bureau, who gets paid by the company, was tired of seeing the complaint so they closed it. the up side to this is that the complaint remains on WildBlue’s service record.

The Better Business Bureau has 3 basic types of company reporting and include Resolved with Response, Resolved without Response, and Administratively Closed.  Resolved with Response means that WildBlue resolved the issue and the customer responded saying it was resolved. Resolved without Response says that WildBlue stated it was resolved but the customer never responded to confirm. Administratively closed means that WildBlue was unable (or more than likely, unwilling) to resolve the complaint.

Here is a breakdown of the WildBlue Communications Better Business Bureau file as of today:

WildBlue Advertising Issues:
Resolved with Response – 4
Resolved without response – 6
Administratively Closed – 3

WildBlue Contract Issue:
Resolved with Response – 22
Resolved without Response – 23
Administratively Closed – 18

WildBlue Billing or Collection Issues:
Resolved with Response – 36
Resolved without Response – 33
Administratively Closed – 8

WildBlue Sales Practice Issues:
Resolved with Response – 12
Resolved without Response – 8
Administratively Closed – 7

WildBlue Delivery Issues:
Resolved with Response – 2
Resolved without Response – 2
Administratively Closed – 1

WildBlue Repair Issues:
Resolved with Response – 16
Resolved without Response – 14
Administratively Closed – 4

WildBlue Service Issues:
Resolved with Response – 54
Resolved without Response – 75
Administratively Closed – 36

WildBlue Customer Service Issues:
Resolved with Response – 30
Resolved without Response – 43
Administratively Closed – 24

WildBlue Guarantee or Warranty Issues:
Resolved with Response – 4
Resolved without Response – 1
Administratively Closed – 1

WildBlue Product Issues:
Resolved with Response – 11
Resolved without Response – 5
Administratively Closed – 4

WildBlue Refund or Exchange Issues:
Resolved with Response – 22
Resolved without Response – 20
Administratively Closed – 5

WildBlue Issues not Defined: (Other)
Resolved with Response – 6
Resolved without Response – 7
Administratively Closed – 1

So, according to my calculations, WildBlue Communications (WildBlue Satellite Internet Service Provider) has 112 Unresolved Complaints with the Better Business Bureau. This number is high, but by many can be chalked up as “being a big company” so what can you do to make people more wary of the numbers?

If you have problems or unresolved issues with WildBlue Communications, go to the Denver Better Business Bureau (since WildBlue is headquartered in Englewood, CO) and file a complaint. You may be one of the lucky ones that gets a resolution, but at the very minimum by taking two minutes out of your day, you can help others become more aware of WildBlue’s track record of customer service.

Click Here to go to the Denver Better Business Bureau’s Complaint Section to file a complaint against WildBlue Communications.
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